This Artist Downgrades Celebrities To Look Like Ordinary People, Here Are The Results (45 New Pics)

Celebrities just always look perfect, and unconsciously, we tend to compare ourselves with them. Our eyes believe what they see, and after looking through beautiful pictures of perfect people, all our flaws suddenly become enhanced, thus making us feel worse about ourselves. To show off a prettier version, people nowadays use all sorts of beauty filters to hide anything they don’t like, but how about an ‘ordinary’ filter for celebrities?

Since beauty standards are way above our pay grade, it is healthy to lower our expectations. And in this case, “Planet Hiltron” is the perfect place to go if you’d like to see celebrities in a bit of a different light.

New York City-based artist and writer Danny Evans creates photoshopped images of Hollywood celebrities as if they were ordinary people. Most of the photos also travel back in time to circa the ’80s. So, even though these images are not real, it is fun to imagine celebrities living a normal, ordinary life and looking less polished.

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