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Taylor Swift y Travis Kelce: El amor florece ¿En la nueva pareja?



El rumor de romance entre Taylor Swift y Travis Kelce tiene todos los ingredientes para convertirlos en una de las parejas más queridas de la actualidad, en caso de confirmarse que son pareja. Y es que el nacimiento del amor tendría origen en la persistencia, y eso haría que la historia rosa se vuelva viral.

Parece que la persistencia de la estrella de la NFL Travis Kelce ha dado sus frutos, ya que, según se informa, se ha vinculado con la superestrella del pop Taylor Swift, quien apenas días atráse estuvo cantando en México.

¿Cuál es el rumor de romance entre Taylor Swift y Travis Kelce?

Una fuente reveló a The Messenger que “Taylor y Travis han estado saliendo tranquilamente” y que la cantante vio al atleta cuando estaba en la ciudad de Nueva York hace unas semanas. La noticia llega después de que Kelce intentara pasarle a Swift su número de teléfono durante su Eras Tour, que batió récords, pero no tuvo éxito en sus intentos.

Durante un episodio del podcast New Heights con su hermano, Jason Kelce, el ala cerrada de los Kansas City Chiefs reveló que hizo una pulsera para el programa con los dígitos de su número de teléfono en las cuentas. El dos veces campeón del Super Bowl quería regalarle las joyas hechas en casa a la estrella del pop antes de su espectáculo en Kansas City en el Arrowhead Stadium en julio, pero desafortunadamente para él, Swift no mordió el anzuelo.

“Me decepcionó que ella no habla antes o después de sus shows porque tiene que guardar su voz para las 44 canciones que canta,así que me sentí un poco herido por no poder entregarle una de las pulseras que hice. para ella”, explicó Kelce en el podcast.

Aunque los representantes de Swift y Kelce aún no han comentado sobre la supuesta relación, los fanáticos ya están hablando de la posible pareja. Algunos incluso han recurrido a las redes sociales para expresar su entusiasmo, y un usuario escribió: “¿Travis Kelce y Taylor Swift? ¡Esa es una pareja poderosa!”. Otro usuario tuiteó: “No digo que envié a Travis Kelce y Taylor Swift, pero envié a Travis Kelce y Taylor Swift”.

Kelce es un “swiftie”

Kelce, quien anteriormente estuvo vinculado con la estrella de reality shows Kayla Nicole, ha expresado su admiración por Swift en el pasado. Durante una entrevista con ESPN en 2019, reveló que era un gran admirador de la cantante e incluso asistió a uno de sus conciertos. “Ella ofrece un espectáculo increíble y es simplemente una gran intérprete”, dijo.

Queda por ver si Kelce y Swift confirmarán su relación, pero por ahora, los fanáticos sólo pueden especular. Independientemente de su estatus, está claro que Kelce es una gran fanática del cantante de “Shake It Off”, ¿y quién sabe? Quizás colaboren en un proyecto en el futuro.

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The touching reasons why celebrities are playing Neath charity football match




A host of well-known rugby players, footballers, boxers and reality TV stars are among the laundry list of celebrities heading to Neath next month to take part in a charity football match. Organised by Swansea resident Dan Richards and Love Island’s Jake Cornish, the aptly-named ‘Celebrity Football Match’ will take place on October 1 and will see more than 30 celebs dust off their football boots and take to the field at The Gnoll sports ground in Neath.

The event aims to raise awareness and funds for the Swansea Veterans Hub, a community interest company which supports local veterans with their mental health and wellbeing. It is the third celebrity football match Dan has organised, coming after a brilliant event in 2019 in memory of Swansea City fan and dad-of-one Mitchell Powell, who sadly died after he went into cardiac arrest while undergoing double heart valve replacement surgery, and a popular ‘Sellebrity Soccer’ game in memory of Call Centre star Nev Wilshire last May.

“In 2020, in lockdown, I started doing runs for charity. I’d share my progress on social media and raised money for the British Heart Foundation,” ,” Dan explained. “Jake Woods, the actor from EastEnders, found out about it and he and Danny Dyer actually phoned me – it was so funny because when they rung me I thought it was the boys [my friends] just pranking me, but it was actually Jake and Danny. They said they wanted to get involved and we came up with the idea of a charity football match. The first one in 2019 was in memory of Mitchell Powell, then I organised another one last year.” For the latest Neath Port Talbot news, sign up to our newsletter here

Read more: Wales star assessed daily as Warren Gatland shifts team announcement for Australia Rugby World Cup showdown

At the time of the event in memory of Mitchell Powell, Dan said: “I play football in the local leagues in Swansea and Mitchell was heavily involved with Maltsters Sports AFC. I wasn’t friends with him, but I played against his team and often saw him stood on the side-lines. Over the last couple of months, we’ve done lots of charity events for Mitchell’s family. I’m running the London and Florida marathons to help raise money in his memory but I also thought I would like to organise a charity football match.

“I got in touch with Sellebrity Soccer who have helped us and they said a number of celebrities would be keen to be involved because they have connections to heart charities. Mitchell raised so much money for the British Heart Foundation and other charities. It was remarkable what he did and he always kept a smile on his face even with all he went through. I always believe in giving back and I knew we had to keep Mitchell’s legacy going. Hopefully it will live on and he can continue to help people even though he’s no longer here.”

Dan has teamed up with Love Island star Jake Cornish(Image: Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock)

This year’s event is being held in aid of Swansea Veterans Hub as Dan and business partner Jake Cornish wanted to support a local charity which helps veterans with their mental health. “My father used to be in the army and he came back here when I was 12 or 13 – I just saw how much being in the army affected him and his mental health,” Dan said.

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The unseen photos of John Verzi, Hollywood’s unlikely celebrity photographer




Brad Pitt and Winona Ryder from John Verzi’s collection.
Verzi Collection/John Verzi/ Los Angeles Public Library

  • John Verzi spent six decades amassing 25,000 autographs and over 12,000 photos of celebrities. 
  • After his death in 2018, his collection of photographs sold at auction for over $140,000.
  • The Verzi collection has hundreds of never-before-seen photographs of celebrities.

John Verzi spent decades photographing everyone from A-list Hollywood celebrities to lesser-known niche stars.

His private collection is now being prepared for the public to view at the Los Angeles Public Library. 

After his death in 2018, Verzi’s exclusive photos bounced among collectors and auction houses before it found its permanent home at the central branch of the LAPL in Downtown Los Angeles. The library bid over $140,000 for the collection. 

Verzi was born in Santa Clara County, California, and spent much of his adult years in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He was not a paparazzi and was not, by any official accounts, a professional photographer, but he was taken with the world of Hollywood. 

While the collection is still being scanned and studied, the LAPL has granted Insider access to some never-before-seen photos from the collection.

John Verzi took photos of celebrities across Los Angeles and even obtained press credentials to attend carpet events.

Bruce Lee attends an entertainment industry event. The date handwritten on the slide is November 26, 1966.
John Verzi/ Verzi collection/ Los Angeles Public Library

Christina Rice, the senior librarian at the Los Angeles Public Library associated with the photo collection, said that Verzi had a friend at a film publication in the 1960s who helped him gain the necessary credentials.

Los Angeles librarians have used their collective knowledge and archival resources to determine locations and possible events some of the celebrities might be attending in Verzi’s photos. 

But not all of Verzi’s photos were taken at events.

Elvis Presley sits in the backseat of his car as he leaves a movie studio lot. The date handwritten on the slide is June 7, 1962.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library.

Some were taken on a whim, like this photo of Elvis in the backseat of his car as he leaves a movie studio.

Some of Verzi’s photos feature celebrities at the Hollywood unemployment office — a frequent stop for stars who were in between jobs.

Charles Bronson stops for a photograph in a parking lot, possibly for the Hollywood unemployment office at 6725 Santa Monica Blvd.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library.

Verzi would frequent the Hollywood unemployment office in his search for celebrities.

Verzi also had a penchant for finding stars attending dinner parties throughout Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Lucille Ball arrives at Romanoff’s restaurant in Beverly Hills for a dinner honoring director Billy Wilder. The date handwritten on the slide is September 10, 1961.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library.

All of the photographs in the Verzi collection are in color, which is one of the unique factors that sets his collection apart from others taken around the same time. 

Of the 4 million photos in the Los Angeles Public Library’s collection, a majority of them are black and white, Rice said.

The fact that Verzi’s photos are in color and dated aids the librarians in understanding the context around them. 

Some photos in the Verzi collection offer one-of-a-kind glimpses of celebrities, like Marilyn Monroe going to a dinner party in Los Angeles.

A glimpse of Marilyn Monroe is captured by the photographer as she leaves a dinner party honoring Billy Wilder at the Beverly Hills restaurant Romanoff’s. The handwritten date on the slide is September 10, 1961.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library.

This photo of Marilyn Monroe getting in her car after attending a dinner party at Romanoff’s is the only one that exists. 

“There’s no other known photos of her at this event. It’s known she went to this event, but nobody else photographed her,” Rice said. “So it is not only is it one-of-a-kind Marilyn image, but it’s truly one-of-a-kind that nobody else photographed her at this event as far as we know.”

Verzi didn’t only focus on movie stars. He collected photographs of musicians, models, Broadway stars, and amateur adult film stars as well.

Jimi Hendrix is photographed in the back seat of a car. The date handwritten on the slide is March 28, 1969.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public library.

One of the photos in the Verzi collection is of Jim Morrison outside of a theater. Thanks to Verzi’s handwritten dating, Los Angeles librarians have been able to determine that Morrison was attending the play, “The Beard.”

The play centers around a fictional encounter between the famous outlaw, Billy the Kid, and the 1930s actress, Jean Harlow. The two communicate with each other with four-letter expletives, and the play culminates in a scene of simulated intercourse between the two. 

The play was considered so controversial that it only ran for a couple of weeks and the actors in it were arrested frequently. 

Verzi once photographed 300 celebrities in an 11-month span between 1960 and 1961, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Aretha Franklin attends an industry luncheon. The date handwritten on the slide is March 5, 1973.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library.

Verzi was known to be reclusive at moments and not easy to get along with.

Judy Garland, in a silk brocade evening coat, following her sold out performance at the Hollywood Bowl. The date handwritten on the slide is September 17, 1961.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library.

In one instance, actress Sylvia Sidney reportedly said, “Get that man out of here,” upon seeing Verzi.

Verzi continued taking photos of a new generation of up-and-coming stars through the 1970s and 1980s.

Harrison Ford is photographed, possibly while working as a carpenter. The date handwritten on the slide is August 24, 1975.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library

The LA Times reported Verzi moved to Las Vegas in 1989, where he lived in a trailer until he died in 2018.

Verzi’s collection of a lifetime of photographs sold for $144,000 to the LAPL.

Brad Pitt attends an evening event. February, 1988
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library

To the librarians who found and bid on the collection, it’s worth every penny. The collection gathers photos that might not exist anywhere else, and many of the photos themselves add new visual context to history. 

“To have such incredible snapshots of time that might not exist elsewhere,” Rice said, “I don’t know that you can really put a price on it.”

Now that the collection is being digitized, librarians at the LAPL hope that the images can be useful to the public.

Winona Ryder attends the premiere of “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” in Century City. August 3, 1989.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library

The Verzi collection displays a different view of celebrities and stars in Hollywood in the 60s.

Sharon Tate attends an evening event. The date handwritten on the slide is March 30, 1967.
John Verzi/ Verzi Collection/ Los Angeles Public Library.

His photos are those of an avid fan and collector and contextualize an otherwise inaccessible lifestyle.

“It definitely tells a story of what’s going on in the city and that our entertainment industry isn’t just the Academy Awards — sometimes it’s just people hanging out at restaurants or collecting unemployment,” Rice said. “So it kind of tells a fuller story of what it is to be in the entertainment industry in our city.”

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15 Celebrities Who’ve Denied Using Ozempic & 13 Stars Who Admit They Have




Ozempic is a once-weekly injectable medication formulated to help adults with type 2 diabetes manage their blood sugar.

The medication is also known for being a solution to weight loss, which some celebrities have used for that reason, and that reason alone.

Despite Ozempic being a growing weight loss trend, a plastic surgeon confirmed to Us Weekly in March 2023 that it was never meant for people who are near their ideal weight, and that “it’s not even approved by the FDA for casual weight loss.”

Despite that, some celebrities have and still take Ozempic for weight loss. Others have spoken out when accused of taking the drug. With that in mind, we’re looking at celebrities who’ve denied and admitted to taking Ozempic.

Find out what the celebrities have said about Ozempic…

Photos: Getty Posted to: Alexia Nepola, Dolores Catania, Emily Simpson, Erika Jayne, Golnesa Gharachedaghi, Gracie McGraw, Jackie Goldschneider, Jameela Jamil, Jennifer Fessler, Jessica Simpson, Julia Fox, Keke Palmer, Khloe Kardashian, kyle richards, Lala Kent, Lauren Manzo, Mark Wahlberg, meghan mccain, Ozempic, Patti Stanger, Remi Bader, Sharon Osbourne, Slideshow, Sophie Turner, Tracy Morgan

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