Serena Williams and other celebrities are using their breast milk as a skincare hack – NOW Toronto

Celebrities are sharing their skincare hacks and claim using breast milk has been beneficial to their skincare routine. 

Former professional tennis player Serena Williams posted a video to TikTok telling people she got a bad sunburn so she’s been putting her breast milk onto her face to hopefully relieve the irritation.

“I’m trying some breast milk. It works for my kid, like they say, put breast milk on everything and I have a lot extra! So, I’m going to try it for a week or so, under my eye and see how it goes,” Williams said in the video. 

She explained in the video she got a sunburn under her eye because she tried a skincare product that contained retinol but because she has sensitive skin and was under the sun, it didn’t end so well.

“It already feels better because it hurts,” she added, while patting her skin with the breast milk and mentioned she’ll check back with her followers how the process goes. 

People reacted in the comments and one user said, “I was today years old. Didn’t know.”

“I’m so sorry I’ve never heard this, genius! I always use honey for burns,” another user commented. 

Now Toronto contacted Dr. Fred Weksberg, who’s a cosmetic dermatologist from Dermapure Toronto, and he said breast milk can help to soothe irritated skin. 

“Breast milk may add moisture to the skin and improve skin barrier function. It has a mild anti-inflammatory action similar to 1% hydrocortisone and improve childhood eczema and diaper rash,” he said in an email statement on Wednesday. 

“The anti-inflammatory properties of breast milk will help to reduce her sunburn,” he added.

Apparently Williams isn’t the only celebrity using their breast milk as a skincare hack.

In an interview with Nylon magazine earlier this year, singer Halsey said, “I started breastfeeding, and I figured out that breast milk is the best skincare ingredient ever because it’s so full of antioxidants and good fats and stuff that speed up the healing process.” 

However, Dr. Weksberg said patients should refer to dermatologist-approved products to treat their skin instead of relying on breast milk.  

“Despite the anecdotal reports of the benefits of breast milk, dermatologists do not generally recommend its use for skin care. We have other more effective treatments available for general skin care,” he said. 

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