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¿Peso Pluma usa chamarra antibalas? Las medidas de seguridad del cantante tras recibir amenazas



Peso Pluma se suma a las cifras que reflejan un agudo problema de violencia que prevalece en México desde hace más de una década.

Aunque no ha sufrido daño alguno derivado de algún tipo de ataque u hostilidad emergida de los cárteles que comandan el narcotráfico dentro y fuera del país, Peso Pluma y su staff se han tomado muy en serio las amenazas de muerte supuestamente profesadas por el Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.

El staff de Peso Pluma no corre riesgos

Para evitar cualquier tipo de riesgo y tras el antecedente de las amenazas de muerte, el equipo de Peso Pluma ha desplegado una serie de acciones para garantizar la integridad física de Doble P. Sus colaboradores han insistido en buscar a toda costa la protección del cantante.

¿Qué hace Peso Pluma para protegerse?

El cantante de regional mexicano estaría usando una chamarra antibalas como protección personal en caso de sufrir un ataque armado. La prenda, de alrededor de 70 mil pesos mexicanos, se suma a otras medidas, como vehículos blindados y un amplio ‘grupo de amigos’ que lo deben acompañar en todo momento.

El equipo de Peso Pluma lo tomó en serio y le recomendó al cantante mantenerse ubicable y acompañado siempre por parte de su staff. Por ahora, el cantante siempre anda con 12 ‘amigos’ que lo cuidan y acompañan a todas sus presentaciones, además de que oficialmente cuenta con dos personas de seguridad y se planea integrar a dos más de seguridad táctica, no sólo para Tijuana, sino en todos sus conciertos

Staff Peso Pluma

Las amenazas del CJNG a Peso Pluma

El pasado 12 de septiembre en Tijuana, Baja California, fueron colgadas tres narcomantas que llevaban las iniciales “CJNG”

Una de estas mantas fue descubierta en un paso elevado de vehículos, situado en la intersección de la avenida Prolongación con el bulevar Mirador. El mensaje era el siguiente:

Esto va para ti, Peso Pluma. Abstente de presentarte el día 14 octubre porque será tu última presentación por irrespetuoso y lengua suelta, te presentas y te vamos a partir tu madre.


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Wamiqa Gabbi Beats Shah Rukh Khan To Top IMDb Popular Indian Celebrities List




The top names on this week’s IMDb list of popular Indian celebrities include Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Nayanthara, and others in the top 10. But none of them have achieved the No.1 spot. It is this popular actress who managed to top the list this week.

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Updated Oct 3, 2023 | 07:38 PM IST

IMDb’s Popular Indian Celebrities List

In the ever-evolving world of Indian entertainment, it’s essential to keep an eye on who’s capturing the audience’s attention. IMDb has once again unveiled its weekly list of Popular Indian Celebrities.

This list is a testament to the stars who have managed to shine the brightest in the past week, and it’s determined by an impressive metric – more than 200 million monthly visits to IMDb worldwide.

While the Indian entertainment industry boasts an array of celebrated names like Shah Rukh Khan , Kareena Kapoor, Vijay Varma, and Nayanthara, none of them managed to clinch the top spot this time around. Instead, it was a rather surprising name that took the coveted No.1 position on this week’s IMDb Popular Indian Celebrities list.
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Wamiqa Gabbi Tops IMDb’s Popular Indian Celebrities List

Actress Wamiqa Gabbi emerged as the frontrunner this week. Well, Wamiqa Gabbi is all set to take the streaming world by storm with her upcoming role in Netflix’s highly anticipated spy thriller, Khufiya. Notably, the film has been written, produced, and directed by the acclaimed Vishal Bhardwaj.

As if that’s not enough, Gabbi has another exciting project lined up – a murder mystery titled Charlie Chopra & The Mystery of Solang Valley. It seems that Gabbi’s unique and diverse roles have garnered her significant attention and the top spot on this week’s IMDb list.

While Wamiqa Gabbi basks in her newfound glory, the second spot on the list was secured by Jaideep Ahlwat, who is known for his remarkable performance in Jaane Jaan. A true Bollywood legend, Shah Rukh Khan, claimed the No.3 position, proving that his star power is still shining brightly.

Not to be outdone, Kareena Kapoor Khan , who recently graced the OTT platform with her latest film, secured the fourth spot. The top 10 also featured some other remarkable names in Indian cinema. Nayanthara, Vijay Varma, and Saurabh Sachdeva all found themselves in the rankings, thanks to their ongoing projects that continue to captivate audiences.

Interestingly, Jawan, a film that has been in theatres for close to a month, is still drawing audiences and making waves. This longevity has kept the film’s actors in the top 10 of IMDb’s list. On the other hand, Jaane Jaan made its debut on an OTT platform just over 10 days ago, indicating that it’s still fresh in the minds of viewers.

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Hispanic Heritage Month: 10 celebrities you didn’t know had Latin roots




More and more celebrities are raising the profile of Latin America in the United States and globally. However, there are some that have been highly successful in the industry for several years and that you probably didn’t know had Latin roots.

In the framework of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), below, we share with you ten celebrities that you probably didn’t know have Latin blood

10 Celebrities you didn’t know had Latin roots

Mariah Carey

One of the most recognized artists globally and the self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas has Latin roots. Although his mother is of Irish origin, her paternal grandfather, Francisco Roberto Núñez, emigrated from Venezuela to the United States, changing his name to Frank Robert Carey.

Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz became one of the most beloved teenagers on the small screen thanks to his leading role in Malcolm in the Middle. The actor, now 37 years old, was born and raised in the United States. However, Latin blood runs through his veins thanks to his father, Francisco III, who is native of Puerto Rico.

Aubrey Plaza

Famously played April Ludgate in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. She is half Puerto Rican thanks to her father. In fact, a large part of her family resides in Puerto Rico and she has always been proud of her Latin roots, although not many people know it…

“My uncles and aunts used to teach my friends how to dance salsa at all my birthday parties when I was in high school. It was… It was a little uncomfortable,” the actress revealed, laughing, a couple of years ago.

Bella Thorne

It’s no secret that Bella Thorne achieved international fame thanks to her performances as a child star on Disney Channel. Later, she made the leap to the big screen and ventured into the world of music. What not many know about the actress are her Latin roots, since Thorne’s father is from Cuba. In fact, Bella confessed that her native language was Spanish, but she stopped speaking it once she entered school.

“People ask me all the time: ‘How come you had a XV birthday party if you’re not Latina?’ It’s a little annoying that people don’t realize that I am Latina, but it’s okay because I’m there to tell them that I am. I love hearing people speak Spanish,” the former Disney girl revealed.

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel’s name became one of the best known in Hollywood after giving life to Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls. However, her roots are very different from those of her screen mom Lorelai. In an interview with Latina, Bledel revealed that while most people assume she is Irish, her mother was actually raised in Mexico, while her father is Argentinean.

Morena Baccarin

The actress who starred in Homeland and Deadpool is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “I have this internal cultural struggle where there is a side of me that is very Brazilian who misses the food and the culture; and an American side that really loves structure. I feel like my drive and ambition are more American, while my passionate and relaxed side is completely Brazilian,” Morena recalled in an interview.

Cameron Diaz

The Charlie’s Angels actress has Cuban roots thanks to her father, Emilio Díaz, who emigrated from Cuba to Florida to work as a cigar maker; This was revealed by the actress during an interview in 2011.

Uma Thurman

The mix of roots of Quentin Tarantino’s muse is truly surprising. The renowned actress is the daughter of Nena von Schlebrugge, a famous model who was born and raised in Mexico City, completely immersed in Mexican culture.

Nena, in turn, is the daughter of the German baron Friedrich Karl Johannes von Schlebrügge and the Swedish baroness Birgit Holmquist. In contrast, Thurman was born and raised in Amherst, Massachusetts, but has always been proud of its rich culture.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars, whose real name is Peter Gene Hernández, has Puerto Rican roots thanks to his father. Mars remembers his beginnings in music as a rather complicated process, since record label executives and producers They saw their Latin and Filipino roots – on their mother’s side – as defining traits. Nevertheless, Bruno managed to make a name for himself in the industry and now speaks with pride about his roots.

Victoria Justice

Like Bella Thorne, Victoria Justice rose to fame thanks to her starring roles in Nickelodeon children’s series. The popular Tori Vega from Victorious is of Puerto Rican descent through her mother, Serene Justice-Reed’s, side of the family.

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La salida familiar de Jennifer Lawrence, la noche romántica de Justin Timberlake y Jessica Biel: celebrities en un click




Eva Longoria deslumbró durante su participación en un evento en París, a donde viajó para ser parte de la Semana de la Moda. Allí dijo presente en un exclusivo desfile para el que lució un vestido verde limón que combinó con una cartera negra de cuero y zapatos del mismo color (Fotos: The Grosby Group)
Un día distinto. Jennifer Lawrence y Cooke Maroney disfrutaron de una salida en familia al aire libre. Fueron a pasear por las calles de su vecindario en Manhattan, Nueva York, junto con su hijo Cy, quien caminó tomado de las manos de sus padres
Paris Hilton también viajó a París para asistir a lo desfiles de la Semana de la Moda y su look no pasó desapercibido: optó por un estilo Barbiecore de vestido, cartera y zapatos rosas que combinó con sus lentes de sol
Noche romántica. Justin Timberlake y Jessica Biel, compartieron una velada distinta durante su estadía en Roma. El músico y su pareja se organizaron para viajar y asistir a la Ryder Cup 2023 una semana después de la apertura del bar en Nueva York en el que él es copropietario junto a Tiger Woods
Joe Jonas fue visto mientras llevaba a sus hijos a disfrutar de un espectáculo infantil en medio de su divorcio con Sophie Turner. Al notar que había prensa, buscó tapar el rostro de los menores para evitar que fueran fotografiados
Rumer Willis hizo compras en un reconocido paseo comercial de Los Ángeles y aprovechó la oportunidad de comprar una bebida para llevar. Lució un look casual: enterito de gabardina clarito que combinó con una remera blanca de algodón y sandalias de cuero. Además, llevó medias color salmón
Luego de haber suspendido un show por fuertes amenazas, Peso Pluma fue visto durante una tarde de compras en un reconocido paseo comercial de Beverly Hills, al que asistió con custodia privada. Fue fotografiado cuando salía de la tienda de Louis Vuitton
Emily Ratajkowski marcó tendencia con su look durante su estadía en París, a donde viajó exclusivamente para asistir a todos los eventos organizados por las marcas más importantes en la Semana de la Moda. Allí lució un conjunto de pollera y campera estampada con capucha haciendo juego. Se trata de un conjunto de terciopelo color negro con detalles en dorado
Lele Pons fue fotografiada cuando llegaba a una sala de ensayo de Los Ángeles en donde entrena para su participación de “Dancing with the Stars”, la versión norteamericana del Bailando 2023. Para ello, vistió un conjunto deportivo de top y remera verde con calzas y zapatillas negras
Noche divertida. Timothée Chalamet disfrutó junto a un grupo de amigos con quienes se reunió a comer en un exclusivo restaurante de Nueva York. A la salida, se detuvo y se tomó selfies con los fanáticos que lo estaban esperando. Lució un conjunto de pantalón y camisa marrón de raso que combinó con un saco de cuero y zapatos de charol (The Grosby Group)

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