Normal Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous – #shorts

Very few celebrities are actually born famous. Before most celebrities became famous they had to work normal jobs too. Kate Middleton was a fashion buyer for the designer brand ‘Jigsaw’ before marrying Prince William. Many people know that before Nicki Minaj became a household name, she worked as a waitress in Red Lobster. Minaj was fired when she followed a couple who had stolen her pen to the parking lot of the restaurant. Amy Poehler worked as an ice cream scooper in her local ice cream parlor. She wrote an essay about it in The New Yorker. Brad Pitt’s first job in Hollywood was working at an El Pollo Loco chicken restaurant. He had to wear a chicken costume with a sign and wave to potential customers outside. Before Cardi B became a stripper, she worked as a cashier at an Amish Market in Tribeca, NYC. She was fired for giving a co-worker a discount on a purchase. Before his successful acting career, Tom Cruise worked as a bellhop in a hotel. He also reportedly thought of becoming a Catholic priest

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