How to be kind to yourself and others, according to some of our favourite stars

In celebration of World Kindness Day this Monday 13 November, we’re looking to some of our favourite stars for advice on how to be kind to ourselves and to others.

From Emma Bunton and Mel B, to Holly Willoughby and Sarah, Duchess of York, these famous faces have shared their top tips in Rosie Nixon’s book, Be Kind, illustrated by Jakki Jones.

Rosie writes: “The great thing about kindness is that it costs nothing; it isn’t about grand gestures and it doesn’t care who you are, where you are from. Kindness is within us all, although being kind to ourselves is often the hardest thing to do.

“The smallest acts of kindness can be the most rewarding: a smile, a supportive message, a phone call, making time to listen. You have a choice about how you will act in any given situation and, I promise you, choosing the kind option will always be rewarding.

“See if you can make kindness towards yourself a daily practice – talk to yourself in the way you would speak to a friend. Tell yourself that you deserve it.”

See some of the highlights from Rosie’s book below…

Holly Willoughby

“Share the gift of kindness. How you make others feel is a choice. Choose to be kind, even to the unkind ones. There is real power in that.”

Mel B

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“Kindness seems to be such an undervalued trait, but it is the thing that can make or break you in life. Kindness costs nothing but it can be the most precious gift.”

Leigh Francis

“Not much in life is free but kindness is, and the richest person on earth can’t buy it cos it’s free! So give it out! Give it to everyone. Lend everyone your kind cos one day you might need a bit of kind yourself. 

“It takes as much or as little time as you want to give it and everyone has it. Just takes a little thought. And the thought is all that counts!”

Emma Bunton

“Kindness has always been the main conversation in our house; something I am constantly discussing with my children. 

“For us, it is about taking time out to understand people: their differences, their needs, their worries, being considerate and listening. A small act of kindness could change someone’s life.”

Sarah, Duchess of York

“Kindness is remembering, kindness is loyalty, kindness is friendship and kindness is never forgetting who has been there through thick and thin. Through good days, bad days, rainy days.

“Kindness can be a superpower. All we can do is lead by example. The game I have is, the more cruel people are, the more I smile. And I will keep smiling.”

Dame Denise Lewis

“One of the biggest challenges you face in sport is whether to be fair and kind. Not only to yourself but to your competitors. If you can master that art, you will always be a winner.”

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