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Fernando Botero perdi a su gran amor, su mujer Sophia Vari, hace solo cuatro meses



Sus otras esposas, sus hijos…


Fernando Botero y su
Fernando Botero y su ltima mujer, Sophia Vari.GTRES
  • Fallecimiento Muere Fernando Botero a los 91 aos, pintor y escultor que conquist las calles
  • Enlaces Fernando Botero casa a su nieta en una boda con invitadas espaolas

A los 91 aos ha fallecido Luis Fernando Botero, considerado el artista colombiano ms importante de los ltimos siglos y el latinoamericano ms cotizado del planeta. Como escultor, dibujante y pintor reinterpret el estilo figurativo. Nacido en Medelln, a los 19 aos realiz su primera exposicin de acuarelas. Con el dinero que fue ahorrando se mud a Espaa donde estudi en la Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Fernando para inspirarse en los cuadros de Goya, Velzquez o Picasso. Luego viajara por diferentes ciudades europeas.

A lo largo de su vida se cas varias veces. La primera con Gloria Zea, a quien conoci cuando Fernando volvi de Europa para ser profesor en la Universidad de los Andes. Ella era una joven estudiante que enseguida se encaprich de aquel hombre con aspecto intelectual.

Despus de seis meses de intensa relacin decidieron fugarse de Bogot a Mxico y de all a Nueva York con tan solo 200 dlares en el bolsillo. Se casaron en 1955 y tuvieron tres hijos, Fernando (67) -ex ministro de Defensa de Colombia-, Lina -curadora e interiorista- y Juan Carlos (63), escritor y periodista. Con la ayuda de su esposa empez a profundizar en la pintura, descubri los colores del trpico y las dimensiones, lo que supuso el germen del boterismo. El matrimonio se separ en 1960.

Botero, entre su mujer y su nieta Camila.
Botero, entre su mujer y su nieta Camila.GTRES

Varios aos despus conoci en Nueva York a Cecilia Zambrano, con quien se cas en 1964 y tuvieron un hijo, Pedrito. Desgraciadamente el pequeo falleci con cuatro aos en un accidente entre Crdoba y Sevilla cuando un camin que haba perdido el control se estamp contra el coche. El artista perdi la falange del meique pequeo. Aquel dolor desgarrador no le dejaba vivir, su matrimonio se resinti e intent sobrellevarlo encerrndose durante meses en su estudio de Pars. All pinto Pedrito a Caballo, del que dijo que “es el cuadro ms bello que he hecho”. Cuelga de las paredes del Museo de Antioqua.

A mediados de los 70 conoci a la atractiva y prometedora pintora griega Sophia Canellopolos en la casa parisina de la marquesa de Crussol. Ambos se quedaron prendados y empezaron a verse a escondidas. Ella tena su apartamento en Montparnasse y l en Saint Germain des Press. Al final, la locura se apoder de Sophia quien dej a su marido para casarse con Fernando en 1978. Su relacin fue bastante atpica.

Con su gran amor, Sophia Vari, en 2001.
Con su gran amor, Sophia Vari, en 2001.GTRES

Debido a su alto poder econmico posean residencias en varios pases. Durante cinco meses al ao vivan en Pars, otros tres meses en Pietrasanta (Italia), un mes en Colombia y otro en Nueva York y los otros dos meses cada uno sola visitar a sus respectivas familias a solas. Eran polglotas, pero Botero y Vari hablaban entre ellos en espaol y francs. La artista se haba cambiado el apellido porque no quera que se le vinculara con el poder poltico y empresarial de Grecia. Aunque no tuvieron hijos debido a unos problemas de salud de Sophia, sta siempre se mostr agradecida a su esposo porque encontr en los hijos y nietos del artista colombiano un amoroso refugio familiar.

La ltima gran celebracin orquestada por Sophia fue el 91 aniversario de su esposo. Le menguaban mucho las fuerzas, pero se sali con la suya. Unos das despus falleci. Y ahora, cuatro meses despus, el maestro se ha unido a ella, a quien fuera su gran amor, tal y como ha recordado este viernes su hija Lina.

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Which celebrities will attend Colorado vs. USC Week 5 game?




The Colorado Buffaloes have been the talk of college football as Deion Sanders has helped turn the program around.

When Sanders took over the program, he was vocal about trying to turn it around. However, the expectations were low as in Week 1, Colorado was a 21-point underdog on the road against TCU.

Regardless of the outcome, the Buffs have garnered massive fan attention. As a result, celebrities have now become part of this hype.

For the Buffaloes’ Week 5 matchup at home against USC, several celebrities will be in attendance, as those celebrities are LeBron James, Bronny James, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Matthew McConaughey, and Will Ferrell.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that many celebrities are going to Colorado to watch the Buffaloes play against USC. In Colorado’s last home game, the likes of Dwayne Johnson were in attendance two weeks ago.

Are Deion Sanders and Colorado looking to pull off the past-week upset?

Although plenty of celebrities will be in attendance for Colorado’s Week 5 game against USC, Deion Sanders is just focused on the game. However, he does have nothing but praise for the Trojans and their head coach, Lincoln Riley.

“I have the utmost respect and love and appreciation for their head coach. This is a bona-fide winner. He’s one of the upper-tier coaches, and I admire him tremendously.”

Against USC, Sanders will have his hands full against Caleb Williams and the potent Trojans offense. He will also have to do it without Travis Hunter, who remains out. Also, cornerback Shilo Sanders could also be out, according to Deion.

“He’s doing better. We went to the hospital right after we landed. He’s doing much better. We’re praying that he heals and he’s playing this weekend. He’s a valuable part of our secondary and our team defensively.

Although Colorado is dealing with some key injuries, Deion Sanders is extremely confident in his team that they can pull off the upset.

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Shop celebrity-loved headphones, from Beats to Bose





the best

Page Six may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links.

When it comes to the hottest headphones, celebrities are all ears.

From classic wired pairs to sturdy over-ear styles, these audio devices pop up in paparazzi shots far more than any one “It” bag or style staple.

So if you’ve been looking for a new pair, who better to consult than the famous folks whose music and shows we so often consume via earbuds?

Keep reading to shop a selection of headphones stars love, from longtime favorites like Oprah’s beloved AirPods to fresh collaborations like Olivia Rodrigo’s Sony drop.


Love Olivia Rodrigo? These just might be your new best buds. The pop phenom teamed up with Sony on this violet-hued pair, which features special equalizers for listening to her songs in a new way. 

“I love the way these headphones pick up on the nuances of my voice and some of the little things you may not hear when just listening in your car,” the “Vampire” hitmaker told Refinery29.


Apple’s more maximalist headphones have seen equally super-sized success with the A-list set. Stars like Bella Hadid, Timothée Chalamet, Sarah Jessica Parker all regularly wear theirs.


Self-proclaimed “perpetual headphone head” Jenna Ortega told the Strategist she can’t live without this wireless Sony style, saying, “I love these because I can control them from the side without pulling out my phone.”

Jay Shetty is also impressed, once telling the same outlet, “The sound quality is great … No one can hear what I’m listening to regardless of how loud I’m playing it. And I rarely have to charge them.”


When it comes to new Apple headphone launches, stars are always listening. Even so, the company’s classic earbuds remain a Hollywood staple, having landed on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list.

“If there’s a groovy pair of headphones out there I usually try and check them out,” Jason Sudeikis once told GQ while showing off his multiple pairs of AirPods.


Brenda Song prefers the AirPods Pro, which come with different silicone tips for a customized ear fit.

“I was never an AirPod or headphone user until I had a kid, and then I realized how important they are,” she told the Strategist.


When it comes to headphones that block out noise, Trevor Noah’s expressed his love for these loud and clear.

“These are easily my favorite things ever,” the comedian raved in a GQ interview about the things he can’t live without. “I think Bose has done a great job of creating noise-canceling headphones.”


For headphones that blend fashion and function, Sabrina Carpenter raves over these pretty purple earbuds.

“I love the quality of my earbuds — I think they’re incredible,” she told the Strategist in 2022. “I listen to all of my mixes and masters and even rough new ideas that I have [on them].”

Best Buy

Dr. Dre’s Beats brand has long been linked to stars in the music industry and beyond. In 2022, Kim Kardashian even collaborated with the company on a line of headphones in the same colors as her Skims shapewear.

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From Hollywood to the Casino: Celebrities Who Love to Gamble – CelebMix




The allure of casinos and the thrill of gambling have always attracted people from all walks of life, including celebrities. From actors to athletes and musicians, some of the world’s most famous faces can often be found at the blackjack tables, poker rooms, and slot machines.

Hollywood A-Listers in the Casino Spotlight

Ben Affleck: Blackjack Pro

Academy Award-winning actor and director Ben Affleck is not just a Hollywood star; he’s also a skilled blackjack player. He’s been known to frequent high-stakes blackjack tables in Las Vegas, where he’s reportedly won substantial sums.

Matt Damon: Poker Aficionado

Matt Damon, known for his role in the poker-themed film “Rounders,” has a genuine passion for the game. He has participated in major poker tournaments and is a regular at celebrity poker events.

George Clooney: The Casino Kingpin

George Clooney, famous for his roles in films like “Ocean’s Eleven,” has a deep appreciation for the casino atmosphere. While he may not be a professional gambler, his on-screen portrayals of suave casino heist masterminds have cemented his association with the world of gambling.

Musical Icons

Frank Sinatra: The Iconic Crooner

The legendary crooner Frank Sinatra was a regular at the casinos in Las Vegas during the Rat Pack era. He not only performed in the city but also frequented the blackjack tables. His charisma and love for gambling are part of the lore of Sin City.

Gladys Knight: The “Empress of Soul”

Gladys Knight, the illustrious “Empress of Soul,” not only graced the world with her remarkable music but also found joy in the world of gambling. Her game of choice? Baccarat. Known for her elegance and sophistication, Knight’s passion for live baccarat is a testament to the diversity of casino games that attract celebrities.

Sports Stars and the Casino Scene

Michael Jordan: A Love for Competition

Basketball legend Michael Jordan is no stranger to the excitement of casinos. His love for gambling, particularly on the golf course, has been widely reported. He’s known for his competitiveness, which extends beyond the basketball court to the casino floor.

Floyd Mayweather: The High Roller

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is notorious for his extravagant gambling habits. He’s been known to place enormous bets on sporting events and is a regular visitor to Las Vegas casinos, where he often flaunts his winnings on social media.

The Celebrity Influence on Casino Culture

The Glamour and Intrigue

Celebrities add an extra layer of glamour and intrigue to the world of casinos. Their presence at gaming tables and high-profile events not only draws attention but also adds to the overall allure of the casino experience.

Promoting Responsible Gambling

Although celebrities may partake in gambling as a form of entertainment or personal interest, it is important to keep in mind that responsible gambling plays a vital role in the casino community. Casinos and various organizations actively promote responsible gaming practices to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players, regardless of their celebrity status.

Conclusion: Where Fame and Fortune Meet

The worlds of Hollywood, sports, and music collide with the excitement of casinos, creating a captivating blend of fame and fortune. Celebrities who love to gamble add an extra layer of excitement to the casino scene, making it a place where you might just rub shoulders with the stars while trying your luck at the tables or slots. As the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but the allure of celebrity gamblers continues to shine brightly in the world of casinos.

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