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Bollywood’s glitzy red carpet events have long been an epitome of style, glamour, and charisma. However, a heartwarming and endearing trend is slowly taking the spotlight, reshaping the traditional pre-red carpet fashion shoots. Spearheaded by the infectious charm of actress Wamiqa Gabbi, this delightful movement intertwines fashion with a heartfelt message of compassion for animals.
Wamiqa Gabbi, renowned for her versatile performances on screen, has been garnering attention off-screen for her unwavering love for animals. Not merely content with advocating for their welfare, Gabbi has taken her passion a step further by rescuing numerous dogs, becoming a beacon of hope for animal lovers nationwide. What sets her apart in the realm of red carpet appearances is the addition of her beloved rescued pets to her pre-red carpet photoshoots.


Wamiqa Gabbi has been putting her efforts into the rescuing of stray dogs off screen and is a bonafide animal lover.

This trend has captured the hearts of Bollywood enthusiasts and pet lovers alike. Gabbi’s furry companions, a part of her heart and home, steal the limelight as they join her in these delightful pre-red carpet shoots. Their adorable presence adds an endearing and personal touch to the often glamorous and poised world of celebrity fashion.
The impact of Gabbi’s initiative has been profound, resonating beyond her sphere of influence. Recent pre-red carpet shoots have witnessed a ripple effect, with other prominent figures in the industry embracing this movement. Actresses such as Sharvari Wagh and directors like Reema Kagti have embraced Gabbi’s trend, showcasing their love for their furry friends in similar photoshoots. Each picture not only captures elegance but also radiates warmth and humanity, serving as a testament to the bond between humans and their animal companions.

Reema Kagti

Director Reema Kagti has also followed in Wamiqa’s footsteps and posed with furry her friend.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, these photoshoots symbolize a beautiful union between celebrity influence and a noble cause. They portray a message that transcends fashion, highlighting the importance of animal welfare and companionship. In a world where stardom often seems distant and unattainable, these heartwarming moments serve as a reminder of the shared love for animals that unites us all. Gabbi’s initiative has sparked a movement that doesn’t just capture the lens but also touches the heart, creating a wave of positivity and compassion in the Bollywood industry.

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