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New Delhi: Artificial intelligence has taken center stage in the tech industry over the last year, attracting substantial investments from startups, mid-sized firms, and major tech players. Multiple sectors, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Bain and Co, are showing growing interest in AI. Recent reports reveal that Google is poised to inject millions into another AI company, founded by two former Google employees.

According to a Reuters report, Google is considering investing “hundreds of millions of dollars” in Character.AI, an AI chatbot startup founded by two former Google employees, Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas. The report suggests that Google is currently in collaboration with the company, and this potential investment could further solidify their partnership. Further details about the investment are currently undisclosed, and additional information is expected to unfold over time.

Regarding Character.AI, the chatbot allows users to interact with virtual depictions of celebrities and anime characters. Users can also craft their own chatbots and AI assistants. The essential chatbot service is provided free of charge, but there is a premium version for users who prefer to skip the virtual line and access a chatbot immediately.

According to Similarweb data, the AI chatbots created by the company have attracted users in the 18 to 24 age group, accounting for approximately 60 percent of its website traffic. This demographic is instrumental in establishing the company as a leading provider of entertaining personal AI companions, distinguishing itself from other AI chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

Just last week Google introduced a new AI feature for users—an exclusive page highlighting discounted deals spanning various categories from diverse brands and retailers. This allows users to conveniently view and compare all deals in one centralized location, facilitating the selection of the most suitable option for their needs.

“A dedicated deals page now organizes millions of promotions from thousands of brands and retailers in one place, while new features in Chrome and Search can help you easily keep an eye on prices. Twenty-three percent of people say they procrastinate their holiday gift-giving because deals are hard to find. Today, we’re launching a new deals destination on Search that helps you find on-sale products from across the web all in one spot,” the company said in a blog post.

In its post, Google said that the showcased deals would span diverse categories like apparel, electronics, toys, and beauty, sourced from various sellers, including big-box stores, brands, luxury retailers, and more. Users have the flexibility to categorize deals based on different categories. To access the new page, simply input “Shop deals” into a Google search, and the page will present a display of all available products. If you’re searching for something specific, you can add the relevant keyword next to “shop.”

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